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Domain Names

Portability can register on your behalf any .AU Top Level Domain (TLD), as well as the US TLDs such as .COM and .NET. There are no restrictions on the eligibility of customers registering US TLDs, however customers registering an Australian TLD (.com.au, .net.au, etc) must adhere to the allocation rules of the Australian Domain Name Authority. Generally, this requires your domain name to be identical to a registered company name, trading name, organisation, trademark, name, or an abbreviation of any of these. For more about what information is required when registering Australian TLDs, please see here.
Domain Name Registration

Australian Top Level Domains (TLDs)
TLD 1 Yr 2 Yrs 3 Yrs 5 Yrs 10 Yrs Transfer
.com.au - $69.00 - - - Free
.net.au - $69.00 - - - Free
.asn.au - $39.00 - - - Free
.id.au - $49.00 - - - Free
.org.au - $39.00 - - - Free
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US Top Level Domains (TLDs)
TLD 1 Yr 2 Yrs 3 Yrs 5 Yrs 10 Yrs Transfer
.com $35.00 $68.00 $99.00 $169.00 $319.00 $35.00*
.net $35.00 $68.00 $99.00 $169.00 $319.00 $35.00*
.org $35.00 $68.00 $99.00 $169.00 $319.00 $35.00*
.biz $35.00 $68.00 $99.00 $169.00 $319.00 $35.00*
.info $35.00 $68.00 $99.00 $169.00 $319.00 $35.00*
* Results in additional 1 year registration
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All domains registered with Portability are managed by us. Please read the information regarding Domain Management below.

Domain Management

Domain management is increasingly becoming a major issue for businesses and individuals alike. Failure to register or renew your domain may see your domain lost to another company or individual, whose trademark, company name or registered business name also entitles them to usage of the same domain name, with little hope of it in future belonging to you. Similarly, an incorrectly managed domain can result in your website being unreachable, costing valuable business and reputation.

Other challenges facing administrators of domain names include sham offers for similar domains at inflated prices, misleading the customer into believing that this is only available from their company.

A domain management service ensures that your domain is correctly registered and configured, and ensures that renewal of such an important asset occurs seamlessly. By placing your domain management with Portability, you can also be assured that any changes and innovations that are important to your web site are brought to your attention.

To update your contact details or nameserver records for your web site host, you can simply submit a support request and this will be done for you by our support staff. You will be notified when any changes requested have been completed.

Australian TLD Registration Requirements

Australia has some of the most restrictive rules in the world governing the issuance of web site domain names. This is to protect individuals and companies from "cyber-squatters", people whose sole purpose for purchasing a domain is to profit from its resale to a legitimate customer.

When registering your Australian TLD, we will require information to support your application. As a guide, please read the relevant allocation rules of the Australian Domain Name Authority for your domain.

We will shortly adding a detailed explanation of the information required for each Australian TLD in order to streamline the registration process. If you are registering now, we will contact you for the relevant information, such as your business ABN, company ACN, or state-registered trading (or organisation) name. Please provide as much as you think is relevant in the space provided during registration, and we will contact you if we require more information.

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